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Our Technology

Pentacam AXL Wave

Corneal Tomography

The AXL Wave performs corneal tomography to monitor for progression of ectatic corneal conditions, for cross-linking evaluations, and to assess for proper fit of orthokeratology or other custom contact lenses. Integrated software will also help design custom gas-permeable contact lenses.

Scleral Topography

Scleral Topography customizes scleral lens alignment through thousands of data points. The topography map will
optimize fitting over the toric scleral profile & scleral lens obstacles such as pterygia, pingueculae, blebs, etc. I.e, no more red eyes!

With the Pentacam AXL Wave software, free-form technology will be utilized for all orthokeratology, corneal gas-permeable, and scleral contact lenses. This allows for total customization of lenses, as each curve of the contact lens will be aligned to the patient’s corneal and scleral elevation and not based on a diagnostic lens fitting.


Biometry capabilities help to monitor axial length change for patients prescribed myopia management

Wavefront readings

to design wavefront guided optics which can dramatically improve in specialty contact lenses


For patients that are unable to wear conventional sclerals, EyePrintPro is a mold-based contact lens that has no limitations to its design. EyePrintPro is a great solution for patients with significant ocular surface irregularities.

FireFly Slit Lamp

Captures meibography to detect, manage, and treat meibomian gland dysfunction
Performs high quality anterior segment imaging to detect, manage, and treat dry eye disease

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