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Specialty Contact Lenses

Specialty contact lenses are life changing.

Dr. Cerenzie wears custom scleral contact lenses to help improve the vision quality/comfort changes related to her keratoconus. She enjoys the opportunity to design various types of specialty contact lenses to help improve the lives of others, knowing first-hand how impactful specialty contact lenses can be.

Scleral Contact Lenses

EyePrintPro & EyeFitPro


Custom Soft Contact Lenses

Gas-permeable Contact Lenses

Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Prosthetic contact lenses offer a variety of benefits depending on a patient’s need

This is a patient that underwent extensive ocular surgeries secondary to a fungal infection (corneal transplant + lens and iris removal).
She was self-conscious of her appearance and missed the way her eyes looked prior to surgery.
With prosthetic lenses we were able to restore the appearance to match her unaffected eye.



This is a patient that had a wire penetrate his eye and damage his cornea and iris. He experienced debilitating light sensitivity even when indoors. With this prosthetic lens, he can now function great both in- and outdoors.

Expectations for Your Appointment as a Specialty Lens Patient

At your initial consultation, Dr. Cerenzie will perform the following:


To assess the most up-to- date prescription for back up glasses

Often patients are told that glasses “do not work” for them. Dr. Cerenzie will spend additional time demonstrating prescription options with trial frames (frames where temporary lenses can be inserted, to evaluate vision/ comfort with a particular prescription). Back up glasses are important to have as back ups when patients are unable to wear their contact lenses.

Ocular Health Exam

To evaluate ocular health and candidacy for various specialty contact lens options. The front and inside of the eye will be examined thoroughly.

Dr. Cerenzie will determine the best type of specialty contact lens based on an assessment of the unique shape, the prescription, and the health status of the eye


To evaluate the unique shape of the cornea and sclera. This is an essential measurement to assure precise vision and optical performance of a contact lens, as well as customize the fit for optimal comfort.


All contact lens wearers will have their meibomian glands evaluated (important glands to help keep contact lenses hydrated and comfortable), as well as basic tests to assess for dry eye syndrome

Conditions Treated

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